PEO Consulting Services

PEO Consulting Services

GARALI is a leading expert in putting companies like yours together with a PEO that best meets your needs and objectives. Because we have long-standing relationships with PEOs throughout the country and enjoy a broad perspective of the resources available, we are in a unique position to provide you with the best package for the best value.

GARALI Services and Benefits

Let us find the PEO that’s your perfect match. We offer you:

  • A clear, unbiased perspective.
    With access to all PEO resources, GARALI gives you advice that’s in your best interests. You are our client – not any one particular PEO.
  • Highly defined needs analysis.
    Our president, Lee Benson, personally consults with your company. We take into consideration all your needs and nuances to build a solution that’s the perfect fit.
  • Personalized price negotiations.
    With our fingertips on the pulse of the PEO industry, GARALI is your partner in getting the best price available for the best valued package.
  • Smooth and rapid processing.
    We handle the time-consuming administrative functions to implement and conclude the proposal and pricing process, leaving you free of the hassle and interruptions this aspect inevitably brings.

And best of all – GARALI does all this at no cost to you. Our fees are billed to the selected PEO and, because our fees are generally substantially less than the average PEO sales commission, these savings are often passed on to you.

A Closer Look at the PEO Advantage

A PEO serves as an offsite Human Resources department, offering a variety of services:

  • Employee benefits
  • Insurance
  • Payroll administration
  • Workers compensation
  • Safety programs
  • Regulatory compliance

Partnering with a PEO allows your company key advantages:

  • More time to grow your core business.
    You get to do what you do best and solidify your bottom line.
  • The ability to attract and retain quality employees.
    Generous benefit packages put you on a level playing field with your larger competitors in staffing advantages.
  • More opportunities to improve your profits.
    Being part of a larger group brings you larger scale savings and improved forecasting. You can better predict and contain the volatile rate increases that plague employee overhead for taxes and insurance.
  • A much stronger position to protect your business.
    With ever increasing HR laws and regulations in existence, our experts make sure you’re in compliance and your assets safeguarded.
  • No marginal difference in operating costs.
    Experience reveals little difference in what a company is paying for employee administration vs. the fee to their PEO. When the benefits above are factored in, there’s actually a considerable savings in overall benefits.

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