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With a track record of saving our clients time and money, GARALI is a growing force as a third-party vendor within the highly specialized contractor management community. The GARALI team has successfully assessed and analyzed more than one million Certificates of Insurance, OSHA documents and safety programs. Our team of specialists is trained in the complexities and nuances of risk-intensive businesses such as oil and gas, construction, transportation, manufacturing, HVAC, light industrial and general office.

The GARALI PEO team is led by Lee Benson, who brings 22+ years extensive leadership experience in PEO and insurance operations. GARALI is recognized industry-wide for its proven success with turnaround management, revenue growth and sales group leadership and has managed a significant number of PEO transactions. The company's risk management experience includes: pricing and management, as well as purchasing and the implementation of insurance products.

In addition, the GARALI team is often asked to provide expert testimony within the PEO and insurance industry.

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