Now you can offer your employees two of the most sought-after voluntary employee benefits in today's business environment: legal assistance and identity theft protection.

The administration of the plan is hassle-free, with no cost to you, the employer, yet it's highly affordable and beneficial for your employees and their families. And if you're looking for a legal plan for your business, we've got you covered too.

For your employees

Personal Legal Plans

For pennies a day, LegalShield gives your employees the ability to talk to an experienced attorney about any legal matter without worrying about high hourly costs. From real estate to divorce advice, speeding tickets to will preparation and more, quality attorneys will help with any matter--no matter how trivial or traumatic it may seem. With peace of mind, your employees are free to focus on their job, not their problems.

Identity Theft Plans

With identity theft on the rise, helping your employees protect themselves is a real advantage. A LegalShield plan gives your employees direct toll-free access to a carefully selected Provider Law Firm.  With identity theft protection, your employees can rest assured knowing that conspicuous activity on their credit report is being monitored. If their identity is stolen, the attorneys provide counsel and work to restore their identity for them.

Benefits include credit report and monitoring, personal credit score analysis, complete identity restoration service and a safeguard for minors.

Easy Implementation

We know how difficult benefits administration can be, so we've made it easy for you.

*No long-term contract
*No claim forms
*No deductibles
*No time-consuming administrative duties
*No cancellation forms
*Once a month billing
*Electronic enrollment and paperless billing options
*One rate for any size family
*Portable benefits


For your business

Unexpected business legal questions arise every day. With the LegalShield Small Business plan, you'll have access to experienced attorneys to advise you on a variety of legal issues. You're just a phone call away from having your legal questions answered and your documents reviewed.

LegalShield has plans for traditional businesses, self-employed individuals and home-based businesses.

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