Human Resources Consulting Services

More and more companies are recognizing that they can outsource their HR needs without sacrificing quality or scope of services. Nor do they have to devote valuable time to matters that fall outside their area of expertise. That's when they turn to GARALI.


GARALI HR Services

Offering a customized HR package, GARALI lets you choose the services you need. We customize a package that's right for your company and your budget. With products and services outlined in seven HR categories, the perfect combination is just waiting for you.

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Typical areas where GARALI can provide immediate service include:

  • Reviewing interviewing, hiring and termination procedures
  • Developing performance management programs
  • Obtaining wage analyses
  • Developing an employee handbook
  • Writing employee job descriptions
  • Conducting employee surveys

Best of all, we are not an absent partner. When you need us, we're there. We get the job done – onsite or off.

GARALI HR Benefits:

Using GARALI HR services, you gain the following benefits:

Experienced and certified professionals.
GARALI staff is equipped with the resources and tools to handle your HR issues.

On-trend work policies.
GARALI is your partner in keeping your company up-to-date on trends and regulations in the HR industry.  Working with you to create a customized and legally compliant Policy and Procedure manual for your company will lead to increased employee productivity and decreased workplace disruptions.

Proactive personnel planning, training and evaluations.
From cross-training to employee evaluations to training sessions, we help you create a forward-thinking work environment.

Savings in time and money.
Not only does GARALI relieve you of the cost of a Sr. Level HR professional, our efficiencies also help attract and retain your employees. You can focus on your core business while we focus on your employee HR issues.

Compensation analysis.
The marketplace is constantly in flux. We assist you with employee compensation and benefits packages by reviewing the marketplace data so you can stay on track and competitive regarding employee salary and benefit programs.

Mitigation of risk.
GARALI HR experts are current with state and federal laws, keeping your company in compliance.

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